Introduction to Children’s Literature


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Lecturer: Dominic Cheetham

I teach two lectures each year introducing different aspects of Children’s Literature. I try to vary the content so that students interested in children’s literature can learn a variety of topics, but each lecture series should be understandable for anyone with no experience in studying children’s literature.


Lectures for 2016:

  • Introduction to Children’s Literature
  • Advanced Children’s Literature


In Introduction to Children’s Literature we look at the basic theoretical concepts which are common in studying children’s literature. Seemingly simple questions such as ‘what is a child?’, ‘what is children’s literature?’, ‘do manga, TV and cinema count as part of children’s literature?’ are the main focus of this class. 



Aesop's fables 1884

Aesop’s Fables 1884

The aim of the class is to give students the necessary concepts and theoretical tools that they will need if they want to study children’s literature at any further level.









Curious George

In Advanced Children’s Literature we build on the basic concepts. This course looks at published children’s literature research and involves asking question such as, ‘what theoretical positions is this writer taking?’ and ‘what methods do these writers use to investigate children’s literature?’.

This year’s lectures are more theoretical than usual but are still very text based involving many examples from both children’s literature (once we have decided more or less what we mean when we use the phrase) and from children’s literature scholarship.