Dominic Cheetham 准教授

学歴    Education

B.Sc Psychology. Birmingham University, England.

Ph.D. Applied Linguistics. Birmingham University, England.D1

専門分野    Areas of Specialization

  • Children’s literature. 児童文学
  • Translation Studies, especially English-Japanese translation of children’s books. 児童文学翻訳研究
  • Verbal and visual interaction in illustrated texts
  • Humour Studies
  • Children’s literature in first and second language acquisition
  • Applied Linguistics. Discourse Analysis and psychology of language acquisition

担当科目について  Courses Taught

Discussion and Presentation, Writing Workshop, Seminar in Children’s Literature, Lectures in Children’s Literature

  • Introduction to Children’s literature
  • Narrative Theory
  • Picturebooks and Picturebook Theory
  • Translation of Children’s Literature

所属学会  Research and Professional Associations

  • IRSCL (International Research Society for Children’s Literature).
  • Children’s Literature Association.
  • ACLAR (Australasian Children’s Literature Association for Research).

主要業績  Selected Academic Publications

“Rhetorical Flaws in Brutus’ Forum Speech in Julius Caesar: A Carefully Controlled Weakness?” Advances in Language and Literary Studies. Vol. 8.3: 126-132. June 2017.

The Amazing Maurice in Japanese and German: A Contrastive Study of Domestication Strategies and Ideology in Translation.” English Language and Literature. Vol 53, 2017. pp 29-63.

“Literary Translation and Conceptual Metaphors: From Movement to Performance.” Translation Studies. Vol. 9-3, 241-255. 2016. DOI: 10.1080/14781700.2016.1180543

“Dahl’s Neologisms.” Children’s Literature in Education. Vol. 47.2, 93-109. June 2016.

“Extensive Reading of Children’s Literature in First, Second, and Foreign Language Vocabulary Acquisition.” CLELEjournal. Vol. 3.2, 1-23. 2015.

“Doctor Who and Sherlock Holmes and their Strange Confluence in Children’s Stories of The Baker Street Irregulars.” English Literature and Language. Vol 51, 39-46. 2015.

“Dragons in English: The Great Change of the Late Nineteenth Century.” Children’s Literature in Education. Vol 45.1, 17-32. March 2014.

“History in Children’s Historical Fiction: A Test Case with the Baker Street Irregulars.” New Review of Children’s Literature and Librarianship. Vol 19.2, 157-173. 2013.

“Extending Hawaiian Children’s Literature.” Hülili: Multidisciplinary Research on Hawaiian Well-Being. Vol.9: 283-304. 2013.

“Middle-Class Victorian Street Arabs: Modern Re-creations of the Baker Street Irregulars.”  International Research in Children’s Literature. Vol 5.1, 36-50. Edinburgh University Press, 2012.

“The Wild Things in Japanese: Markedness, Rhythm and Cultural Acceptance.”  Meta: Translators’ Journal. Vol 56.3, 596-609. Montréal University Press, 2011.

“Translating Direction: Illustrations in Native and Translated Japanese Children’s Literature.” International Research in Children’s Literature Vol 3.1, 44-60. Edinburgh University Press, 2010.

“Charlie and the Chocolate Factory: Versions and Changes.”(2006年)英文学と英語学Vol. 43, 上智大学英文学科

“Written Humour and Humour Theory.”(2003年)英文学と英語学、上智大学英文学科 65-94

[Much of my academic writing can be found on my Academia page.]


Selected Books

The Beowulf Story: A Prose Translation. CreateSpace. 2017

Being British in Japan. NHK 出版, 2010D2

Bites of Britain, Tastes of Japan. NHK 出版, 2007

Siechou Suru Harry Potter. 『成長するハリー・ポッター』Tokyo: Yousensha, 2005

English Joke o Tanoshimu, 『イングリシュ・ジョークを愉しむ』 ベレ出版,、2005

イギリス英語日常会話表現集。(共著、小林章夫)。 ベレ出版、2003


イギリス英語を愉しく聞く。 (共著、小林章夫)。 ベレ出版、2002