Richard Pinner 准教授

The right and natural sense of Language includes Literature, just as Literature includes the study of language of literary works.

JRR Tolkien

学歴  Education

英国リーズ大学教養学部(美術 / 英文学)学士号

B. A. in Fine Art and English Literature, University of Leeds
M. A. in Applied Linguistics, King’s College, London
Ph. Applied Linguistics, University of Warwick

専門分野  Research Interestsme_academicprofile

Applied Linguistics

  • Authenticity in language learning
  • Motivation
  • Content & language integrated learning
  • Second Language Identities


  • Mythology in literature
  • Archetypal/Myth Criticism
  • The Beat Generation
  • Paranoid Fiction


I am currently working on my PhD in Applied Linguistics and ELT, focusing on authenticity and motivation from an international perspective. I have a dual-focused set of research interests – language learning and literature – and I am happy to be able to bring the two together under one department. I am interested in mythology and how it relates to literature in different guises, especially modern works and creationist images in the work of Ted Hughes. I also have a special interest in JRR Tolkien’s mythology and invented languages. I have an eclectic mix of interests and I try to be passionate about everything I do.

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担当科目について  Classes Taught

Discussion and Presentation 1 and 2. Writing Workshop 1 and 2.

The aim of my classes is to promote a better understanding of how to approach literature in a second language and to learn the critical academic skills needed to study at university level. For each class I assign various short texts and poems. Students can choose topics that most interest them to do project work on. I aim to make my classes motivating and empowering for students.

主要業績  Selected Publications

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