Writing Workshop

Writing Workshop is a once weekly 100 minute class for second year students.

The class is designed to build on the academic and language skills gained in the first year. First year students study how to research, how to approach literary texts, and how to write academic papers in Japanese in their ‘Reading and Research’ class. Writing Workshop is designed to take the academic skills acquired in Japanese and to transfer those skills to English academic writing.

Students will learn about the various styles necessary to write academic work in English (for example, how to do the layout for a paper, how to write an introduction, how to create an academic atmosphere to their writing, how to sequence the arguments of a paper, and how to write Works Cited). Very importantly, students will also learn the necessary research skills to provide content for their writing.


There are a number of documents and links which may be useful for Writing Workshop students which you can access here.


The Wolves in The Wall. Neil Gaiman.

The Wolves in The Wall. Neil Gaiman.