Academic Writing Support

Useful Files

Template to help format essays in the MLA style.

Same template with added comments.

Examples of works cited for reference.

Links to homepages which may be useful for using the MLA style.

Concordia University in the USA has an excellent page giving examples of how to cite different kinds of texts.

The Purdue Online Writing Lab (OWL) give examples and also explains about layout.

Easy Bib is an online service which actually creates the citation for you. You just paste a URL or a book title into a search box, and Easy Bib create the citation for you. However, they are not always perfect and you should check the details yourself.

BibMe is another online citation creator much like Easy Bib. This one allows you to enter details in a form to create a citation, and also does book searches like Easy Bib. As with Easy Bib, check the results before using them!

For Google Scholar and Wikipedia citations look at this PDF, Getting Citations.

Links to web pages where you can download copyright-free books and sometimes audio files.

Most of these pages give you a choice of eBook or PDF formats. Audio files are MP3.

Internet Archive
From 1996, copyright free texts, audio, visual. Fantastic resource for early editions. Texts are searchable PDF copies of originals.
Project Gutenburg
Copyright free texts, audio, e-books. Texts are just text.
Audio files for copyright free texts. Also links to Guttenburg and Wikipedia.
Google Book Search
Searches for books, and inside books. Copyright free books are usually available as PDF or e-book. If there is still copyright, views are limited. Good for checking if you really want to buy or order a book.
Google e-books
Lots of e-books, various formats, and lots of free classics.
Baldwin Library of Children’s Literature
Read and view artwork online. Can print, but not download directly.

US Library of Congress Rare Books Collection. Digital Collection.
US Library of Congress Rare Books Collection. Children’s Literature.

Note that there are also many free books listed on Apple iBooks and on Amazon Kindle.