Dominic Cheetham 教授

学歴    Education

B.Sc Psychology. Birmingham University, England.

Ph.D. Applied Linguistics. Birmingham University, England.

専門分野    Areas of Specialization

  • Children’s literature. 児童文学
  • Translation Studies, especially English-Japanese translation of children’s books. 児童文学翻訳研究
  • Verbal and visual interaction in illustrated texts
  • Humour Studies
  • Children’s literature in first and second language acquisition
  • Applied Linguistics. Discourse Analysis and psychology of language acquisition

担当科目について  Courses Taught

Discussion and PresentationAdvanced Academic English, CLIL Based Seminar, Lectures in Children’s Literature.

  • Introduction to Children’s literature
  • Narrative Theory
  • Picturebooks and Picturebook Theory
  • Translation of Children’s Literature

所属学会  Research and Professional Associations

  • IRSCL (International Research Society for Children’s Literature)
  • ACLAR (Australasian Children’s Literature Association for Research)
  • YASA (YA Studies Association)

主要業績  Selected Academic Publications

“The Translation of Childrens Literature Into Minority Languages.” Children’s Literature in Education. Before Print. DOI:  January 2022.

“Picturebooks as Visual-Verbal Poems.” New Review of Children’s Literature and Librarianship. Before Print. DOI: 10.1080/13614541.2021.1949239 July 2021.

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“Primary, Secondary and Tertiary Models of Intelligence, Memory and Experience: Conceptual Metaphors and Interactive Intelligence.” English Language and Literature. Vol 54, 2018. pp 1-20.

“Rhetorical Flaws in Brutus’ Forum Speech in Julius Caesar: A Carefully Controlled Weakness?” Advances in Language and Literary Studies. Vol. 8.3: 126-132. June 2017.

The Amazing Maurice in Japanese and German: A Contrastive Study of Domestication Strategies and Ideology in Translation.” English Language and Literature. Vol 53, 2017. pp 29-63.

“Literary Translation and Conceptual Metaphors: From Movement to Performance.” Translation Studies. Vol. 9-3, 241-255. 2016. DOI: 10.1080/14781700.2016.1180543

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“Written Humour and Humour Theory.”(2003年)英文学と英語学、上智大学英文学科 65-94

[Much of my academic writing can be found on my Academia page.]

Selected Books

The Beowulf Story: A Prose Translation. CreateSpace. 2017

Hogs and Dogs and Who Knows Whats. CreateSpace. 2017

Being British in Japan. NHK 出版, 2010D2

Bites of Britain, Tastes of Japan. NHK 出版, 2007

Siechou Suru Harry Potter. 『成長するハリー・ポッター』Tokyo: Yousensha, 2005

English Joke o Tanoshimu, 『イングリシュ・ジョークを愉しむ』 ベレ出版,、2005

イギリス英語日常会話表現集。(共著、小林章夫)。 ベレ出版、2003


イギリス英語を愉しく聞く。 (共著、小林章夫)。 ベレ出版、2002